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Vocational rehabilitation

What is vocational rehabilitation? Vocational rehabilitation is a process that enables those with a disability, health condition or impairment - be it functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive or emotional - to overcome barriers to employment or other useful occupation. At JSP we have been providing
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Red Nose Day 2019

Posted on: 11th March 2019

Fundraising for Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2019



Red Nose Day at JS Parker Ltd

This year for Red Nose Day we asked staff to have some fun with their Red Noses and take some fun pictures...and they didn't disappoint!

We've had games of Dobble happening in Scotland and Finders Keepers in Sheffield, team meetings and training courses delivered with a Red Nose, all in the name of good fun. 

We're celebrating all week, with our teams in Scotland, North East, Sheffield and Manchester all taking part!  


Scotland team playing Dobble

 The Scotland team had lots of fun playing Dobble to raise money for Red Nose Day! 


Business Services Team engrossed in a magazine

Keeping up-to-date on the latest news.


Business Services Team engrossed in a magazine

Nobody 'nose' what's going on here. 


OT team meeting

Our Occupational Therapy team are a happy bunch


OT team meeting

 Fantastic contribution from the trainers and support workers on this CERTA course


OT team meeting

You leave your nose unattended for one minute


Finders Keepers

At the South West Centre we held an office-wide game of Finders Keepers - 5 items were hidden and staff had from Wednesday until Friday to search for them. The competition was fierce, with only 2 items being found on the first day (and not for lack of trying!). 

finders keepers hidden items

Goodies up for grabs and our diligent finders. 


happy finders

Succesful Finders with their prizes


happy finders

It's been a wild few days, but all hidden 'things' have been found!